PART 1: 30 Ways Video Marketing can make your marketing budget go further

30 Ways Video Marketing can make your marketing budget go further – Part 1

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This three-part series of posts talks about how video marketing makes your marketing budget go further. 

Video marketing isn’t a complete replacement for all the other ways you get your message across, but if you’re not doing it already you really should be including video in your marketing mix – for so many reasons.

And this series looks at one of those reasons – perhaps the most important one:  the bottom line.

Videos just work so much better at conveying information, no matter what kind.  For example, a study written up in the British Journal of Ophthalmology compared video-based teaching material with more traditional methods – this in a subject as complex and unfamiliar as cataract and glaucoma surgery.

It concluded that the use of video animations “led to a better understanding of difficult surgical topics among medical students”. 1

And if video can increase comprehension when it comes to complex matters such as eye surgery, then it’s going to give your prospects a much better understanding of your sales message – and how to act on it.

Videos are now standard fare for so many demographics:  Adweek tells us that Snapchatters watch ten billion videos a day 2 … while Bloomberg tells us 82% of tweeters watch videos on Twitter 3 … and as for Periscope, its users watch over 110 years of live video every single day – so they say. 4

Video marketing is perfect for people in a hurry – who’s got time to read these days, anyway?  Animoto tells us that four times as many customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it. 5

And it’s not just people who move fast these days – it used to take time for people to find out about any kind of newsworthy event, but in this era of instant smartphone videography, all kinds of breaking news can be all over the internet in a matter of seconds.  Talk about immediacy.

How useful would that be if you could tie in your product or service to a news story that’s starting to appear onscreen and – perhaps more importantly – is already right up there at the top of the search engines?

When created for or by a company, video marketing gives that company the humanity it needs to make a personal connection with its audience.

But it works the other way round, too:  video is the perfect way for dissatisfied customers to air their grievances.  A perfect example is United Airlines, whose baggage handlers got themselves a bad name some years back thanks to the viral video of a song aptly entitled “United Breaks Guitars”. 6

And not so long ago, of course, we all watched video footage of a passenger being forcibly removed from a flight to make room for an airline employee … and even more recently Simon – potentially the biggest rabbit on the planet – might just have survived a United flight had video been available for his owner to keep an eye on him. 7   However, this series isn’t about bashing United, so we’ll leave out the story of the couple flying to their wedding getting chucked off a United flight … or a mother being handed a cup to wee into instead of being allowed to use the aircraft’s onboard facilities – which we’d never have found out about if video isn’t so universal these days.

On a much happier note, enjoyment of video ads increase purchase intent by 97% and brand association by 139% – and that was figured out by Unruly some years back 8 but it’s not very likely those figures have changed much – if at all.

Here’s one example of how one very small company generated 20 million positive takeups thanks to some excellent video marketing costing a handful of small change.  And then the company found itself being purchased for a billion dollars, all because that initial promotion was based on one of the most enjoyable videos on the internet at the time.  I’m talking, of course, about the Dollar Shave Club. 9

And if you’d been watching Dollar Shave and thought of a few friends who’d enjoy it too, sharing it with them was only a tap or a click away.

But those taps and clicks weren’t – and still aren’t – limited to online video fun:  Forbes told us that 54% of senior executives share serious, work-related videos with their colleagues. 10

And that’s not surprising, really: according to MWP 59% of executives agree that if both text and video are available on the same subject, they’re more likely to choose video. 11

And it goes without saying that with so many smartphones and tablets these days, marketing videos can be watched anywhere, any time, even on the way to viewing a property for sale.

And they work, too – especially when it comes to viewing properties: estate agency listings with videos can get more than 400% more enquiries than those without. 12

If you haven’t started using video marketing yet – or even if you have – visit where you’ll discover just how watchable, how memorable and how effective your marketing video could be when created by the Get Animated production team.


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