PART 2: 30 Ways Video Marketing can make your marketing budget go further

Video marketing isn’t a complete replacement for all the other ways you get your message across, but if you’re not doing it already you really should be including video in your marketing mix – for so many reasons. 

And the second in this series looks at one of those reasons – perhaps the most important one:  the bottom line.

People just love video – even when it’s there to try and sell them on a product, a service or just an idea: HubSpot says 43% of people want to see more video marketing in the future. 13 And if that isn’t an incentive to start marketing with video, what is?

And once the decision to purchase is made, Animoto tells us that 80% of millennials are likely to watch a company video when they’re shopping online. 14

And that doesn’t mean they’re at home on the sofa in front of a TV shopping channel – they could be on their way to work, from work or even – if they’re discreet – even at work, thanks to mobile devices. Ooyala reckons over 50% of online videos are watched on mobile. 15

Viewers might not even have to go to the trouble of doing an online search themselves, because 92% of mobile video consumers shared videos with others – that’s what DigiDay UK told us back in 2013, and it’s unlikely that percentage will have shrunk much between then and now. 16

And as for viewers who’d been recommended a video to watch, their brand recall and brand association was 7% better than that of people who’d found that video via a search engine or some other way, but without a recommendation.  That’s another fact from Unruly – this time from their Social Ad Effectiveness study. 17

However that depends on how much attention they’d been paying to the video in the first place. has some scary facts about our ever-decreasing attention span, as in before the year 2000 it used to be longer than that of the average goldfish …but it’s now almost a second shorter. 18

Perhaps this is why Animoto tells us over 60% of consumers prefer to watch videos shorter than sixty seconds from start to finish. 19

But however long it takes to wear out the average human attention span, by the time this decade comes to a close, CISCO thinks that online videos are going to account for more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic. 20   And that’s a lot of video marketing.

Then again, it doesn’t necessarily mean every online marketing video that leads to a purchase is going to end with a tap or a click on the “buy now” button because unless things change drastically people will always visit stores.

These days, though, they’re a lot more educated about what they’re shopping for, according to ThinkWithGoogle.  Almost 50% of internet users, we’re told, look through online videos relating to a product before visiting a store for a bit more of a hands-on assessment. 21

And as for those online shoppers who prefer to stay on their sofa and let their shopping come to them, Adobe’s research tells us online shoppers who watch demo videos are 1.81 times more likely to make the purchase than those who haven’t watched any videos. 22

For those who want to get the full flavour of a particular product without feeling like they’re watching a sales pitch, there are “unboxing” videos all over YouTube, in which real people make real videos about a real initial introduction to a real product.  It’s not quite like those family Christmas morning home videos when wrapping paper gets ripped off and strewn all over the floor, but these YouTube unboxing videos do provide a certain amount of very useful information … and perhaps even a spot of vicarious excitement as well.

If you haven’t started using video marketing yet – or even if you have – visit where you’ll discover just how watchable, how memorable and how effective your marketing video could be when created by the Get Animated production team.


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