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Get Animated Medical provide a comprehensive suite of services for those in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and healthcare industries who want to bring the features and benefits of their offerings to life with high impact materials, visuals and engaging stories. These services include high-end medical animations and illustrations, educational game-based learning solutions, VR and AR applications and interactive digital media solutions.
Our award-winning team is extremely creative but also very aware of our clients’ commercial objectives – it includes consultants, strategists, designers, copywriters through to web, iOS and android native developers, animators and motion graphic specialists. Meet our core team.

High End Animation


We excel at turning your research, data, innovation and solutions into technically-accurate, visually-dramatic medical animation experiences that clearly articulate the key features and benefits. The most complex and dry information is brought thrillingly to life with breath-taking 2D and 3D images which are then woven into compelling narratives that communicate with brevity, clarity and drama.

Illustration & Print


Print ads, brochures, posters and banners are essential components of any healthcare communication campaign. The challenge, however, is how to tell the essence of your story in an instant. We create stunning custom-made 2D/3D medical illustrations that jump out at readers, instantly engage their attention and convey the key messages in ways that get buy-in.

Interactive & Digital Solutions


Get Animated Medical create highly immersive and captivating interactive experiences, across a broad range of digital media, enabling the audience to play their part at the heart of whatever story you choose to tell.

  • Mobile & Tablet Applications
  • Game based learning Applications
  • Single & Multi touchscreens display
  • Video wall & screen displays
  • Digital panel displays
  • Interactive presentations
  • e-Learning solutions
  • Digital Content for Healthcare Marketing

Game Based Learning

We develop highly engaging game-based learning applications that help healthcare professionals and patients fully comprehend complex subjects and appreciate the value of your brand offerings. Get in touch & find out more about our game-based learning content.

Mobile & Tablet Applications

We develop bespoke mobile and tablet applications to convey therapeutic information, disease education, interactive eDetail/Sales aid, product education and more in ways that are convenient to consume and easy to digest. Get in touch & find out more about our mobile apps & content development.

Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR)

We design and develop fully immersive virtual reality, 360° animations and augmented reality educational experiences for medical device, pharmaceutical and scientific healthcare communications. Take you audience on an amazing journey through the human body to providing a detailed understanding of both the human anatomy and biological processes through VR. Or elevate your content to the next level of communication with AR, an immersive experience that merges the digital world with the real world. Get in touch & find out more about VR and AR solutions.

Digital Exhibition Solutions

Utilizing the latest digital technologies, we design and create engaging content for congresses, exhibition stands and events. Our solutions draw people to your displays then delivers your messages in ways that people find hard to resist or forget. From interactive applications, VR & AR, presentations, mechanism-of-action animations, live-action videos, touchscreen content to e-learning & more. Find out how we can help with your next healthcare event.

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