Paul Hartmann – HydroClean plus comparison 2D animation


PAUL HARTMANN is a global leading medical device manufacturer and distributor. works in partnership with Primary Care NHS Trusts, NHS and Private Hospitals, Collaborative Procurement Hubs, chemist wholesalers, medical distributors, nursing homes and individual patients.


Get Animated were commissioned by Paul Hartmann to take existing complex medical illustrations and deliver a compelling, engaging 2D medical animation that clearly articulated the comparative  mode of action and key benefits of using their unique Hydrotherapy product, HydroClean plus, instead of a standard dressing. The animation is utilised on their digital marketing platforms and by their sales force to clearly and concisely communicate the message to healthcare professionals within sales calls.


HydroClean plus cleanses and activates the wounds. The unique absorb-cleanse mechanism removes intrusive wound exudate and thus stimulates the healing process.

HydroClean plus has a high content of Ringer’s solution and PHMB* is bound in its core.The watertight cover film ideally constrains liquid so that dressing normally lasts more than three days. Thanks to the non-adhesive wound contact layer, hardly any pain is felt when changing the dressing, thereby making this process comfortable for both the patient and the care personnel.


  • Project Management
  • Script writing
  • Concept Artwork/ Storyboarding
  • 2D Motion Graphics