An award winning, talented and experienced team

Our GAMinites are award winning, creative, diverse, friendly and open minded team of animators, consultants, illustrators and designers passionate about animating the art of science and technology. We embrace the crazy, turn it upside down, get creative and deliver the sublime.

Christopher Kennedy
Managing Director

Meet our leader, boss, head honcho, the “special” one, Chris. Take a modest handful of intelligence, mix it with entrepreneurial spirit, throw in hardwork & determination, add a splash of humour and just a dash (or two) of crazy and you will start to understand the man that began this company! A successful, passionate old school businessman with a digital touch, Chris lives, loves and works with strict values. His word is his bond, he always gives his best, never gives up, is transparent and strongly believes in collaboration and mutually beneficial relationships. These values have also helped him achieve sporting honours in a number of disciplines, which he would be very happy to talk about! His phone and door are always open to help, support and provide guidance to friends, clients (old and new) and of course his ever growing team of GAMinites!

Claudio Sa
Creative Director

Claudio is a real mixture – amusing but diligent, good fun but with an amazing work ethic. Super reliable with a passion for delivering work of exceptional quality on time – he keeps his promises. These qualities, and his creativity, have made him one of the most awarded animation directors of his generation – his work has been shown in more than 100 international film festivals, including Cannes, Annecy and AnimaMundi. We won’t list all his achievements as his head would no longer fit in the studio. Not surprisingly one of his hobbies is animation, but he also loves football and food (but not at the same time).

Joao Jacinto
Director of Animation

João is hardworking, dedicated and passionate, but also the joker of our pack. A zen master of 3D animation, VR/AR modelling, texturing and rendering, he has worked for a number of international visual effects companies and prestigious brands like Gillette and UEFA. His experience is a huge asset on any project involving gaming, VR/AR, visual effects, publicity, general animation and medical animation. When not working he gets extra screen time by playing video games. In real life he likes crossfit, 3D sculpting and printing as well as playing the electric guitar and bass. He dreams that one day he’ll become a great artist and leave his mark on the world (watch this space).

Darren Appleby
Client Services Director

Darren is a likeable Geordie – honest, personable, approachable and intelligent. He has been working with web technologies and digital content since the internet was in its infancy. He has been helping define pragmatic marketing solutions for life science organisations since 2011, has a keen eye for detail, loves art and photography and is a self-confessed golf anorak. He also plays the guitar and has delusions of retiring by writing, producing and performing a Christmas No 1 (roll over Slade!).

Tatiana Duarte
Lead Senior Designer

Tatiana is feisty, creative and caring – she provides a never-ending supply of great ideas and will not rest until your project has been transformed into something truly extraordinary. Her mastery of drawing, painting and photography is awesome. If she can’t visualise it then it’s probably not worth illustrating in the first place! She likes going to the gym, walking her dog Vénus, reading adventure books and watching lots of movies. Asked to supply a weird fact about herself she replied that “my two nephews are aged 8 and 5…they are now taller than me!”…funny too!

Saira Sujanani
Content Producer

Meet the embodiment of ambition and determination. Full of bright ideas, Saira can usually be found with her favourite pen in hand, jotting things down in her notebook. From transforming presentations to developing all sorts of visual content for the team, Saira’s raw and edgy style is both bold and eye-catching. On a personal level, Saira is obsessed with memes and the future of internet culture. She uses her unique creative insight combined with her ability to think analytically to produce only the best content, geared to maximise community engagement. She also has a cat named Tuna. 

Catherine Hollyoak
Lead Software Developer

Outgoing, bubbly and positive, Catherine is a uniquely talented software developer who has spent the last 12 years designing, developing and delivering digital solutions for the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industries. Catherine has unwavering passion for excellence – she gets really upset when creative projects do not meet the highest professional standards. Yes, she’s a perfectionist! One of her hobbies is coding but she also loves taking exercise, swimming and clay pigeon shooting (make a note of that, Matt). For fun she has learnt to fly light aircraft and is scary-quick in a go-cart.

Victoria Diez Clemente
Senior Project Consultant

Vix is a bit of a mix-tape. She has the classics that you would expect of a senior project manager, but also a few surprise bangers too. With a wealth of experience planning and delivering on/offline projects as well as animation and film, events and exhibitions, illustration, photography, and local market adaptations; across different markets including healthcare, scientific publishing and IP, Vix believes that focus, collaboration and a good To-Do list, are the keys to success. A closet-geek, Vix loves agood sci-fi movie, is a self-confessed yarn addict and loves singing with a community choir.

Mia Georgiou
Account Exec/Medical Writer

Mia is bubbly, intelligent and a breath of fresh air. She has an outrageously positive outlook on life, her energy is contagious, and she can be relied on for her creative problem solving and scientific expertise. Putting 100% into everything she does, Mia worked extremely hard to achieve her master’s degree in molecular biology, and quality is an important value to her. Her interpersonal skills together with her analytical mind are a real asset to the team. She is a keen explorer, photographer, animal lover and feels more at home in the sea than on land. When she’s not thinking about the molecular biology behind bioluminescence she’d rather be diving, surfing or practicing her yoga.

Chas Alexander Smith
Commercial Executive

Chas is a hard-working, diligent and creative individual, with immaculate attention-to detail. His positivity, imagination, and gumption are the qualities that he feels are the greatest asset to the team. As a self-professed nerd, Chas thoroughly enjoyed completing his degree in pharmacology, and is constantly reading pharmacological and biomedical journals to keep up to date with the ever-progressing field that he loves so much. Chas is passionate about the welfare of the planet and those who live on it – ethical living and business are very important to him. In his free time, Chas is either reading, playing with his dog, Betty, or binging Disney films (his guilty pleasure).

GAM Pets

We are all animal lovers and find their quirky ways constantly inspire us with fresh ideas. Some of the best animated films of all time feature lovable creatures great and small so we’re not embarrassed to admit we have a soft spot for our furry friends!

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