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Surgical robots, concussion sensing VR headsets, and cadaver-less medical school curriculums. These are just a few of the most revolutionary developments at the forefront of healthcare today.

Following on from our last blog post about how virtual reality (VR) is being used in healthcare to directly help patients, this sequel post is …

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7 unbelievable applications of VR that directly improve patients’ lives.

You may already know that virtual reality (VR) is being widely adopted in healthcare today in an array of applications, but there are certain companies …

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Insulin enters its 100th year!

The insulin hormone is secreted into the bloodstream by the pancreas and acts to reduce blood sugar levels when they become too high – after …

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Getting to know GAM. Next up we have our Client Services Director,
Darren Appleby!

What was your first job? As a glass collector, and I also worked in a shoe shop on Saturdays…. both were great fun and an …

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STOP, TAKE A LOOK. Here is what augmented reality can do for you!

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are terms that are now thrown around as often as the British talk about the weather to greet …

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