Have you got what it takes to become a GAMinite?

We’re growing, so there are lots of opportunities here for the right people. Could that be you? It’s a very friendly, welcoming and easy to get along with team we have at Get Animated Medical. But we do have a very definite ethos – read on to see if we are made for each other!

You need to be super talented (that goes without saying, but we thought we’d say it anyway). A personality is essential too.

As in enthusiastic, passionate, trustworthy, loyal…but also with a touch of crazy and creative. You carve your own path through life but when it comes to the job you put the client first, you can empathise with them, you understand their commercial requirements, you do what needs to be done.

You have an ego, but park it well out of the way – you take the work seriously, but not yourself!

Once a GAMinite, always a GAMinite. It’s not just a job and a team, it’s an attitude we share. We’ll welcome you as one of our own and even if you go to pastures new you’ll still be one of us at heart.
We nurture and support each other. Teamwork is not just something we pay lip service to but is a principle we really live by. We share our knowledge and abilities for the benefit and all and we’re serious about helping everyone achieve their full potential.
We embrace crazy and creative. Burning Man or Red Dead Redemption, Sepak Takraw or underwater hockey, extreme ironing or toy voyaging…whatever floats your boat.
We’re like a family …but realise you already have your own. Being passionate about work doesn’t mean neglecting your loved ones, friends and other parts of your life. Balance is better, for all concerned, and we are serious about caring for everyone’s mental health and general wellbeing.
We are realists and understand that situations change, some things are super urgent and that solving problems is what we get paid for – so our approach is agile and flexible.
We are confident in our abilities and have a really collaborative mindset – that means no egos getting in the way and no wasting time and energy on office politics. None of us is as smart as all of us and the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. In GAMinite world 1+1=3 and this really shows in our work.
We care. About each other, our clients, our family and friends, our dog/cat, and causes close to our heart – not just about ourselves.
We challenge each other to bring out the best and constantly learn from each other – mediocrity is our enemy!

We embrace diversity. Meet us and you’ll realise it’s true – we’re a motley crew.


What more reasons do you need?

Come and join the GAMinite community as we continue on our journey, pushing back the boundaries to create a brave new digital med comms world. Share your credentials with us and let’s boldly go!

Join Us at
Get Animated Medical

If you’d like to join a highly creative bunch of professionals who are extremely experienced in helping healthcare brands wow stakeholders with impressive visual stories then get in touch – our team is growing fast.

You’ll find yourself welcomed into an environment that encourages innovative endeavour and celebrates creative freedom. We’re passionate about our work, strive to achieve the highest possible standards, encourage everyone to develop their full potential and celebrate success…but don’t take ourselves too seriously.

If you like a bit of fun, and have not had a personality bypass, then send your CV, demo & portfolio including specific details of your exact contribution to each project to