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GAM is a multi-award-winning agency – our innovation and creativity holds us in high esteem with clients and audiences alike. Additionally, GAM is a completely virtual company, which presents a whole host of benefits to our clients. The lack of overhead costs means that we are able to remain incredibly price-competitive, without compromising on service or quality.
Whatever you need it to be used for. We have produced medical animation videos for a huge range of purposes. Medical animation is commonly used to show complex mechanisms of disease and drug actions, but its use doesn’t end there. Clients regularly ask us to use medical animation as strategic narrative to propel their brand campaigns to new heights, increasing audience engagement with extraordinary results.
Our costs vary depending on three key determinants: the style of the animation (2D or 3D), the length of the animation, and the complexity of the animation (for example, complicated textures such as fluids can take more time and resources to generate). In short, the cost really depends on the project (do you really need Meryl Streep to do the voiceover?!), which is why we like to have an in-depth discussion with our clients at the beginning of the project, to allow for complete clarity and transparency.
Our prices are all-inclusive – no hidden costs. This includes helping you develop an idea, scripts, storyboards, concept art, modelling, animatics, voiceovers, production and rendering. This price also includes all account and commercial management costs.
Although this is highly dependent on the complexity of the animation, the general development times are 4-6 weeks for 2D, and 8-12 weeks for 3D.
GAM is a 100% virtual company – our account and commercial team are scattered across south-east England, while our animation team are based in Portugal.
Yes, we can transfer the intellectual property of all the all 2D and 3D animation project files and assets used to create your animation including but not limited to; concept, sculpt, retopology, rigging, unwrapping, materials/textures, shaders, look development (colours, mood, lighting) animations, motion graphics and music composition; for an additional fee of 1x the initial cost of the animation. Please contact us for more details.
Perhaps! We try to accommodate as many different project sizes as we can – plus, our prices are very competitive. If, however, upon our initial meeting we are unable to work with you, we will be more than happy to discuss the alternative routes you may be able to take.
Yes! VR and AR are practically unrivalled in the audience engagement they generate.
Yes! We understand that starting or growing a small business can be difficult, which is why we have a dedicated suite of animation and digital services accessible to those with smaller budgets. For more information, get in touch!
We are more than happy to put NDAs in place, if needed – we know how important confidentiality can be to our clients, and are enthusiastic about respecting that.