10 Ways an Explainer Video Boost Sales

Get Animated is a UK animation studio that creates stunning explainer videos (www.getanimated.uk.com/explainer-animations/ ).  Explainer video ?  They’re those colourful little animations you find more and more of on websites these days.  They’re sending product and service sales rocketing, and here’s how they do it.

People’s attention spans are getting shorter and shorter – statisticbrain.com tells us the average attention span in the year 2000 was 12 seconds.  In 2015 it had gone down to 8.25 seconds.  Compared to the 9-second attention span of the average goldfish, this means sellers need to attract and engage as fast as possible.

Hence the popularity of the idea of the elevator pitch, which is a great idea – as long as you’re actually sharing a lift with a prospect.

There’s a much better alternative out there in the real world, where prospects are already nicely warmed up, they’re looking for precisely what you have to offer them and they’re willing to respond to your call to action.

I’m talking, of course, about the online explainer video – a neat little video with a script that tells people about a product, and an animation which shows exactly what that product can do, and how it can do it.

Here are 10 ways an explainer video can boost sales:

  • Google ranks pages with videos on them much higher than those without any, making those pages – and those explainer videos – much easier to find in a hurry
  • Google’s ranking algorithms include the time spent on a page – so when people watch even a short explainer video there it raises that page’s ranking
  • An explainer video instantly present solutions to prospects’ problems – it’s so much easier to understand how to solve a problem with a product when you see it in action
  • An explainer video are so more memorable than dry text – Researchers at Western Ontario University discovered that on average people recall only 10% of any visual information three days after seeing it … but up to 70% of audiovisual information after that same period
  • An explainer video are so easy to share – just one mouse click can start a video on its way to virality in an instant, turning customers into promoters
  • An explainer video liven up pitches and make them more entertaining and therefore so much more watchable – all the way through to the call to action at the end
  • An explainer video convert visitors into qualified leads – if they keep watching to the end of the video you know they’re hooked
  • An explainer video can create a community as friends share them with each other and add their own comments
  • An explainer video showcase your personality – or the kind of personality you want to present

And explainer videos are basically fun to watch – after all, who doesn’t love videos or animations?

So you could think of an explainer video as an online elevator pitch, but one with the potential to bring a lot more in the way of results than just swapping business cards before getting off at your floor.

Get Animated’s team of animators have the experience and expertise to ensure every explainer video they create for you is watchable, your message is memorable and your call to action gets the results you want.  To find out more, visit www.getanimated.uk.com/explainer-animations/ 

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