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Stunning 3D Medical Illustrations

As technology continues to advance at an unprecedented rate, there are now more ways than ever before to communicate with your target audience in an impactful, memorable and engaging way, especially in the world of medicine. We specialise in providing technically accurate, 3D Medical Illustrations and Animations that are perfect for use in the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, and Medical Device Industry.

Custom 3D Medical Illustrations & Medical Animations

Designed to inspire action, capture the attention of your target market, and increase engagement, we specialise in creating dynamic, high-end digital content that champions 2D/3D medical animation, illustration, and interactive content.

Encouraging a wide range of medical professionals and sectors to step away from conventional methods of communication, we will open your eyes to the visual, interactive, and educational benefits that come hand in hand with 3D medical illustrations and medical animations.

 Why choose Get Animated for 3D Medical Illustrations?

  • Specialising in optimising clinical communications, as well as healthcare marketing and medical communication, we create beautifully detailed content that explores the endless possibilities that come hand in hand with high impact, 3D Medical Illustrations.
  • Armed with extensive industry experience, knowledge and expertise, we exercise our passion and creativity to offer a new and exciting way of clarifying medical and scientific content.
  • Perfectly in tune with the latest, high impact technology and design processes, we provide visual solutions that are fit for purpose, highly engaging and most importantly, memorable.

Why choose Custom 3D Medical Illustrations?

Providing interactive motion graphics and multi-media digital publications that shed light on the body’s core mechanisms and functions, we bring the art of story telling into the digital world.

In recent years, this kind of story telling has continued to increase in popularity as more and more healthcare professionals and organisations choose personalised 3D Medical Illustrations to deliver highly effective public video information, investor presentations, as well as continuous medical and scientific research.

Embracing the latest, state of the art technology, we exercise our creativity to create accessible, dynamic and high-end media content that is perfect for explaining the detailed complexities that come hand in hand with a number of medical treatment processes.

Expertly developed to optimise engagement, productivity and performance, in a wide range of medical industries, we provide scientifically accurate, impactful, and captivating content that has been carefully constructed to meet and exceed your expectations.

But that’s not all… 2D and 3D animations are a great way to create dynamic and user-friendly content that can be used in Educational Institutes, Medical Marketing, and Healthcare agencies.

High-End 3D Animations – Designed to initiate a scientifically accurate and cinematic experience that is fun, engaging and highly impactful, we push the boundaries in order to create 3D Mode of Action Medical Animation Videos that will always make an impact.

Premium 2D Animations – Experts in creating clear, concise and highly engaging content, our award winning 2D animation team understands all of the components needed to create high end corporate animations, motion graphics, and explainer videos that will achieve your communication objectives.

Elegant & Stunning Illustrations – Perfect for enhancing healthcare communication campaigns, we are specialists in creating truly impactful 2D/3D medical illustrations and diagrams that are ideal for use in brochures, print ads, posters and banners.

Step One. Get a Script.

We define the brief, the timeline, the budget and allocate resources.

  • We believe in a hands on approach. We start with an initial consultation preferably via phone, Skype or email to better understand your requirements. With all the information in hand, we will create a script for you approval.

Step Two. Get a Design.

We create concept artwork and a detailed storyboard.

  • We’ll proceed to design the objects of the animation and submit to you for approval. We’ll also develop concept art and a full storyboard with all the key frame images and send to you for feedback and adjustments.

Step Three. Get Animating.

We get animating your approved storyboard into a beautiful animation.

  • We present sections of the fully animated video for comments during the entire production process. We find that having checkpoints along the way ensures a more efficient overall experience for both us and you.

Step Four. Get Animated!.

We produce the final animation in your desired format

  • Once you are happy with your animation, we will send you the final file, normally in .mov or .mp4 format. Now, you’re ready to share your marketing animation with the world!


Animating the science of art requires scientific understanding and experience, technical prowess, attention to detail, a tireless work ethic, an ability to filter complex information into a compelling story and above all, a blank canvas. View our masterpieces below.


Find out how Get Animated! Medical can help you ignite your next digital, communication or medical animation project.

3D Medical Animation

We greatly appreciate each and every project we are commissioned, aiming to exceed expectations and for an opportunity to be considered for a future assignment.

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